Commitment to freshness, environment and natural resources!
BiBap is focused on sourcing local, fresh, seasonal ingredients and in creating dishes with equally healthy and balanced nutrition. We think that the connection with our suppliers is as important as the one with our customers.


Yangsoun is the owner of Bi Bap. Even as a child she loved to eat, and she loved to eat well!

Natural and healthy ingredients inspire her. They are a gift of nature. Her commercial training, her roots and knowledge about Korean culture and cuisine are the main inspiration for the concept of Bi Bap. Always with care, she has managed to build long lasting relationships with her customers. Now Bi Bap is one of the most popular restaurants in the center of Palma.


Glenda is our head chef.
 Her image is of a “super woman”.
 Because she is reliable, has stamina, she’s fast and at the same time, always in a good mood. She has a unique gastronomic style that combines great technique with creativity.


Ryan is our restaurant manager.
 His character traits such as exceptional composure, friendliness and loyalty have won the trust of our customers. With a lot of care and attention to detail, he is coordinating our daily restaurant management operations and maximising customer satisfaction.