Our manufacture

Our In-house Products
It is part of our passion for authenticity that we love to produce as many menu ingredients as possible ourselves. This way we can best follow our philosophy of fair-trade, freshness, local, seasonal, organic products and moreover the self-production contributes to the protection of the environment. And you enjoy tasty, nutritious dishes !
You can purchase all the products from our online-shop or directly in our store.


Kombucha is healthy and refreshing, fizzy sweetened fermented tea, rich in probiotics, vitamin B and antioxidants. The basic ingredients in our kombucha are scoby, organic raw sugar etc. you can only purchase our kombucha in Bi Bap store or it can be enjoyed in Bi Bap restaurant.


Our kimchi has an original delicious taste. The secret of great tasting kimchi is to use fresh and natural ingredients made with a family traditional recipe . Therefore the health-promoting effects are preserved.
The production of kimchi should remind us of “Kimsang“, the communal production and sharing of kimchi. “Kimsang“ has been added to UNESCO ́s intangible cultural heritage.


Soya sauce is one of the main condiments for asian foods. Our soya sauce is made from the fermented paste of organic soya beans.


Our Korean red pepper paste “Gochujang“ is made from organic chili powder, glutinous rice, malt powder and salt.