Welcome to BiBap!
Our dishes are based on traditional recipes, but we like to round them off with trendy ingredients to give them their unique taste. We choose our sources very carefully.
We aim to use products that are fair-trade, fresh, local, seasonal and organic.


You will find carefully sourced and prepared vegetables, meats and seafood with beautiful final presentation –
Pleasant textures in combination with botanical elements like herbs, spices and fruits.


Would you like to enjoy the dishes of Bi Bap at home, at the beach, in the park or at work ? Take a look at our takeaway menu. Its easy to order your favorite dishes. We look forward to your call.


Enjoy our authentic korean BBQ. It comes with several side dishes. Book a table on our terrace by calling 971773089


Commitment to freshness, environment and natural resources! Bi Bap is focused on sourcing local, fresh, seasonal ingredients and in creating dishes with equally healthy and balanced nutrition. We think that the connection with our suppliers is as important as the one with our customers.